Patch Notes 2/14/2018


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.37, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-2-14, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.




Carneval Season Event

The Carneval Season Event is ending. The half-eaten Choppy Chops can still be exchanged until February, 21st.


Lunar New Year Event – Year of the Dog

Happy Lunar New Year Dragon Saga Friends and welcome to the year of the dog!
Dog Mounts are awaiting you in the wonderful Dragon Saga World.

Collect Bone Shaped Dog Biscuits dropped from Monsters and trade them to our beloved Mr. President Husky NPC for one of the following items:

Lunar New Year Achievement (5 Dog Biscuits)
Tofu Balloon (10 Dog Biscuits)
Dragon Balloon (10 Dog Biscuits)
Lunar New Year Box (20 Dog Biscuits)
Mrs. Husky Mount Egg (40 Dog Biscuits)
Little Husky Mount Egg (40 Dog Biscuits)
Oscar the Bulldog Mount Egg (40 Dog Biscuits)
Kero Mount Egg (40 Dog Biscuits)

The Kero Mount and the Oscar Mount have the chance to get randomly either an Attack Speed or Movement Speed Stat.

The Lunar New Year Box randomly contains one of the following items:

Asian Squid Balloon
One part of the Kimono Set
Chinese Ghost Balloon
China Backpack
QQ Balloon
Cutie Balloon
Dragon Mask
Dragon Backpack
Lion Mask
Lion Backpack
A red money pouch which contains some silver
[Event] Insurance Scroll
[Event] Reinforced Insurance Scroll
[Event] Soulcraft Randomizer

[Event] Pet Option Randomizer

[Event] Jack's Bean

5x Fortune Cookie (regenerated HP and MP instantly, does not work in BSQ)

2x Silver Coin


Little Husky

Oscar the Bulldog


The Event is ending on February, 21st.


Valentine's Day Event 2018 
The Cookie Factory is open again. Are you able to save the love and defeat Team Anti-Love?
A detailed event guide can be found here:




Emporia War Changes

Healing Penalty
We have slightly changed the system: If someone heals a team member with a healing skill (Slow Heal, Wide Heal, HP Restore) and the team member is in Penalty State the healing is ignored and no Penalty Points are given to the opposing team. The Penalty State is not removed. This has been changed to prevent accidentally healing someone who is in Penalty State. Healing yourself using Items, Potions or Skills still result in Penalty Points given to the opposing team as before.

General Updates
- the Stun effect of Golgon's Rolling Attack has been temporary disabled for investigation purposes. When the skill is working as intended it will be re-implemented.

Item Mall
The Styling Pink Outfit has been added to the Special Tab of the Mixboard.