Patch Notes 08/16/2017 [Complete]


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.5.94, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2017-08-16, 15:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.



The Summer Event is finished.

Class Adjustments (Testing Phase #3)

PvP only multiplier changes this time.


Magician->Monk->Priest->Invoker   x1.4 (PvP)
Archer->Hunter->Pathfinder->Sentinel  x1.2 (PvP)
Shaman->Summoner->Elementalist->Earth Master  x1.4 (PvP)


Skill Changes 

Specialist: Flash Bang

- the effect Blind has been replaced by a 1.5s stun effect (all skill levels)


Sorcerer: Octopus Ink Gun
- the duration of the stun effect has been increased to 2.1s (all skill levels)


Twin: Power Weave (PvP only)
- the cooldown has been increased by 1s




Guild UI Enhancement


The number of members in the guild and the maximum number of guild members possible for the particular guild level are now displayed


The entries in the member list are now colored to indicate their activity state:

Normal dark text color: Member is either online or has been logged in within the last 7 days
Orange-brown-ish color: Member has been logged in within the last 8~14 days
Red color: Member has been logged in within the last 15~30 days
Grayed out: Members has not logged in for 31 days or more


A new button Activity has been added with which the list can be sorted by the member's activity (means that the members are sorted by their color: normal, orange, red, gray)




Fixes and Changes

- Compensation Quests have been removed
- the balloons in the Vending Machine have been replaced by the Two-Headed Dragon and the QQ Balloon

Known Issues
We found a bug in the calculation of the Offensive Aura skill. It will be worked on.


MixBoard and BigWheel
Due to the DDoS attacks the rotation of MixBoard and BigWheel have been delayed to the next regular maintenance

*Changes: the guild activity sort feature has been removed and is planned on being implemented with next weeks maintenance to fix some bugs that appeared when added to the live server.