Extended Downtime Oct 18th

Greetings WarpPortal Citizens!

On October 18th, at 7am PST (Eternal Destiny will begin at 4am) we'll be having maintenance for ALL titles in preparation of a major hardware move at our IDC (Internet Data Center). We are consolidating our server into a single location, something we've wanted to do for a long time. What this means for you is that for approximately 24 hours next week the forums, websites and games will be down.

Starting at approximately 9am PST the servers will be turned off and moved to their new locations. During this time ALL games, forums, and websites will be down until this move is completed. At current this is projected to be a 24 hour process, scheduled to end 9am PST October 19th.

Since most services will be down we'll be posting on the Facebooks and Twitters to keep you all up to date on our status. Follow us to keep up to date and find out when the servers are ready:

Facebook .

Twitter .

Maintenance Changes 10/11 and 10/18

This week there is no scheduled maintenance, on 10/11 so there will be no interruption in service.

On 10/17 we will be having a scheduled maintenance from 10am-3pm PDT that will replace the 10/18 maintenance.

New Items will be added to the Item Mall Tuesday and Item of the Week changes will take place Thursday afternoon.

Again there will be no maintenance on 10/11 or 10/18.

Patch Notes v0.1.69

Patch v0.1.69

-Halloween Loading Screen 9/28-10/11:Players can submit loading screens to use during the event period.
-Tournament of Dragons 9/15: Registration is open, few spots still remain!
9/28-9/29:Tournament matches begin
-Dragon Saga Mount Contest 8/24-9/13: Prizes will be distributed this week.
-Free Ipod Nano Giveaway 2 9/13-9/27: Last pull will be taken and all winners will be contacted for information.


-Twin Fighter missing skill names updated.
-Twin Fighter missing descriptions updated.
-In-game Text Changes

For more detailed patch notes and to discuss this week's patch please join us on the forums..

Patch Notes v0.1.67

-Free Ipod Nano Giveaway 2 (9/13-9/27)
All Dragonkin that reach level 30 will be entered into the raffle.
-Tournament of Dragons (9/15)
Registration Opens at 5PM. Be sure to register before all spots are filled!
(9/28-9/29) Tournament matches begin
-Dragon Saga Mount Contest (8/24-9/13)
Entries will no longer be accepted. The voting process will begin Thursday.
-Race to Level 80 (9/2-9/13)
Ends, prizes will be distributed early next week.
-Happy Hour (9/14-9/20)
1.5x EXP between the hours of 4PM-9PM PDT.

Item Mall
-Items of the Week (9/15-9/22)
All Stat Reset Scroll: 650 Pts
Long Straight (Female): 80 Pts
Heterochromatic Eyes(Male): 40 Pts

-EXP Potion Sale (9/13-9/20)
90% EXP Potion: 150 Pts Available for a limited time.

-Big Wheel/Mix Board
Red School Look Set and various Backpacks added for Humans.

For more detailed patch notes and to discuss this week's patch please join us on the forums..

Maintenance Time for New Origins Expansion Launch

To ensure that New Origins Expansion maintenance is executed smoothly with our developer's support, server will be shutdown tonight at 6PM(PDT) for the maintenance.

Scheduled Date and Time:
September 1st 6PM~12AM(PDT)

Please keep in mind that, this is a very large update, therefore the server open time may be changed. All schedule changes, if any, will be posted on the website and the forums

Edit: As many have already noticed, the maintenance was extended few hours longer due to some technical issues. The issue has been resolved now, and the server should be up soon. We would like to thank all users that have been so patient and supportive.