December Event Prize Distribution

Hey folks we got a lot going on in the New Year, so we're going to post up a little list regarding distributions of some of the Events which ending in 2011.

-Holiday Point Transfer Event [80%EXP Potion(2 hours)- 1/3 + (2) Box of Souls (999each)]- 1/4
-MyHome Bonus - 1/3
-UGC winter Promotion [Dec 23rd thru Jan 2nd] - 1/4
-New Account Bonus Event [2500 Point coupons] - 1/4 thru 1/5
-Double Up! - Check ingame mail on eligible character between 1/3 thur 1/6.
-End of the Year Challenge - Between 1/4-1/13
-New Year's IM Bonus Returns! - 1/26
-Hastur's Wishlist - Characters have been mailed ingame
-Holiday Loading Screen Contest - Distributed 12/27

Point Transfer Bonus Increase!

For 10 days only, starting December 19th 4:45pm PST through December 29th 5:00pm PST WarpPortal Energy–>Gravity game item mall point conversions will be increased on purchases of 2500 or more!

Don't forget we also have the 5% bonus for all first time transfers! So take advantage of all these bonuses and earn more for your WPE Transfer!

12 Days of Christmas WarpPortal Celebration!


Christmas is a time for family and gift giving, and WarpPortal is no exception. We consider you all family and can’t better way for us to show that we care but by just giving stuff away! Each title will be having their own Holiday event but WarpPortal wants to give you a little extra! Make a purchase, big or small, daily between December 14th and December 25th and be entered into a raffle for a different prize daily*! Prizes will range from WP Energy, Giftcards, Tablets PCs, and more!We will reveal what the giveaway item is each business day on this blog, so be sure to check back each day starting 12/14!

Come check out more details at the WarpPortal Blog!

Special Maintenance Times and Mixboard Changes

All WarpPortal titles will be having an early maintenance tomorrow. This week's maintenance will be earlier than our usual time, running from 1pm PST - 5pm PST. This is due to a major server update to our billing server.

During the maintenance period we will be removing the Patch of Love and Rose of Virtue. So if you want to pick up permanent versions of these items, you'll want to get it now!

Convert WPE to Item Mall points and get a 5% bonus~!


There's nothing quite like getting a little bit extra.

Beginning this month, WarpPortal Energy-->Gravity game item mall point conversions will receive a 5% bonus to their first transfer that month. The limit to the bonus is once per month per game account, so you still qualify if you transfer WP Energy to other game accounts bound to your main WarpPortal account.

The bonus is calculated from just the points that you choose to convert over to the games item mall, and is calculated before the normal bonus points you would receive for converting over 1000 WPE at a time.